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In the last interview before his death, Darrin Patrick talks with Tony Jones about his implosion and restoration, his love of hunting and baseball, and his return to ministry. Tony also talks with Darrin's pastor, Greg Surratt.

Show Notes

On May 7, 2020, Darrin Patrick died. Two weeks earlier, Darrin and Tony recorded this interview. Darrin talks about his implosion and restoration, his love of hunting and the woods, why he returned to ministry, baseball, his difficult relationship with his father, and how much he loved hunting and fishing with his own kids. Tony also talks with Greg Surratt, Darrin's pastor, mentor, and friend. You can listen to Darrin talk about his fall and restoration here: You can financially support Darrin's family here:

What is The Reverend Hunter Podcast?

Outdoorsman and theologian Tony Jones sits down with fascinating people who find transcendence in their outdoors experiences. Hunters and anglers, hikers and kayakers, talk about how they connect to the divine, and to themselves, as they pursue their passions. The conversations are at turns poignant and humorous, illuminating and inspiring. If your spirituality is connected to the outdoors, this is the podcast for you.