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Brian and Malinda host Jon Morgan, product manager at Google, to discuss all things robot-related. Is it enough to create robots with a main purpose of keeping people company or is it just a phase? Today, people are buying services, not robots.

Show Notes

Summary: Can companion robots change how society interacts? How did iRobot become a success in the robot field? Will we see lawn mowing robots in the not-too-distant future? Brian and Malinda host Jon Morgan, product manager at Google, to discuss all things robot-related. In this episode, we take a closer look into robot fails, the statistics, and why the surgical board still considers these “fails” as a success. Jon and Brian discuss the numbers on autonomous driving and how insurance companies factor in risk with cost. Will people embrace robots more once they understand their true value? Find out on this episode of Data Myths.

What We Covered:
1:00 - Introducing Jon Morgan, a product manager at Google in the hardware division. - Powered by Zencastr
2:00 - Podcast 1: All Things CES 2019 - Looking at relevance in robotics and in the consumer robotics industry.
5:00 - People are buying services, not just robots.
13:00 - Cute robots are changing the way people perceive robots in a positive way:
  • Aibo - Sony robot dog
  • Pleo - Robot Dinosaur 
  • Paro - Therapy Robot
  • Lovot - Japanese companion robot
  • HRI - Human Robot Interaction
18:00 - What makes something a robot?
22:00 - Why are robotics companies dying off?
28:00 - How iRobot thrived in the robot marketplace.
33:00 - Robots in the European market.
36:00 - Robot Fails:
  • Robots used in the medical field
  • Autonomous car fails
  • Security robot fail
  • Podcast 3: Considering Autonomous Driving Things
43:00 - Curiosity Rover - NASA

What is Data Myths?

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