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Set in a luxurious setting on west side of Oahu, Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa is wonderful Hawaiian getaway that’s unlike any other Disney destination. But packing for Aulani is very different than packing for Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Here's what you need to know.

Disney Aulani: Not a Disney Parks Vacation
Aulani offers a Hawaiian Disney vibe, with no theme parks or attractions to distract from the magic of this Polynesian destination. 
The first thing to know is that what you pack and what you wear at Aulani is very different from what you would pack and wear for a Disney theme park resort vacation.
Aulani is a Disney resort yes, but it’s not a Disney Parks resort, so your packing considerations will be quite different. Plus, you’ll likely do some island exploring around Oahu while you’re there, so consideration for the various micro-climates on the island is another important point to remember.
Located in the town of Ko Olina on the southwest or leeward side of Oahu, Disney Aulani is located in a very upscale area, surrounded by other luxury resort destinations along with the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Aulani has much to offer on the resort property, but the nearby area and the island of Oahu are also must-dos when visiting. 
If you plan to visit Aulani from May to September, it’s an ideal time to visit. Planning your wardrobe means considering a few factors. These include humidity, micro climates, upscale clothing or resort wear, your beach and swim attire and your casual wear.
We like to visit Aulani for two weeks when we go, so we stay in a Disney Vacation Club Villa and take advantage of laundry facility. That makes packing a lot easier and a lot lighter, as you can do a little laundry halfway through your stay. No big deal.

Three Packing Categories for Disney Aulani Resort and Spa
When planning for what to pack and what to wear to Disney Aulani, consider putting your clothes into three categories:
Resort Wear or Casual Chic
For dining out, relaxing around the resort and visiting neighboring hotels you’ll want to pack something that’s a little more upscale than your everyday casual wear.
Swimwear or Beach Wear
Packing for Aulani takes a little more thought than packing for the pools at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Beaches and pools can be your theme park, so you’re going to need more than just a single swimsuit. For time at the Aulani pools or beach, bring multiple options. Consider water slides, the cold water of the Aulani Rainbow Reef and offsite beaches – including surfing if you plan to do that.
Casual Wear
Casual wear will still play a big role in what you pack for Disney Aulani. This is your everyday attire to wear around the resort and on day trips exploring the island of Oahu. But remember, you don’t have to go as heavy on the Disney-themed attire here, although Lilo and Stitch or Moana themed items (and that Hawaiian shirt of yours) will all be good choices.

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