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What are the less-discussed media industry trends to focus on in 2024? And what are the technologies, themes and hype that's best avoided? Digesting the major media, entertainment and broadcast technology and business developments of 2023, DPP CEO Mark Harrison and CTO Rowan de Pomerai talk about the non-mainstream trends that will shape the sector, share some industry highlights and lowlights, pitch their 'Antipredictions' of what's best avoided, and look forward to being part of an industry in change in 2024.

Show Notes

Sharing their media industry foresight, this episode features:

Mark Harrison, DPP CEO
Rowan de Pomerai, DPP CTO

"There are only two ways to make money in media: bundling and unbundling"
— Rowan de Pomerai, DPP CTO

"Show me a CEO who knows anything about ethics, let alone one that understands artificial intelligence!"
— Edward Qualtrough, DPP Editorial Director

"It's hard to believe that only 12 months ago people were seriously arguing that the future was all about the Metaverse"
— Mark Harrison, DPP CEO

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