Community Development Institute

What do you know about the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)? As our team was considering who would be best to discuss this topic, there was only one answer: Martie North with Simmons Bank. Martie serves as the senior vice president and director of community development and the Community Reinvestment Act at Simmons. On this week's CDI Podcast, we speak with Martie about the CRA, Simmons Bank, and why it is important for community leaders to build relationships with their local bankers.

What is Community Development Institute?

The Community Development Institute (better known as CDI) has been the go-to resource for community and economic development training in the Mid-South since 1987. At CDI, community leaders learn the skills and strategies they need to make an immediate, positive impact on their community. On the CDI podcast, we are expanding our reach by connecting with community leaders and citizens to explore a broad range of community and economic development topics and engage in real conversations with leaders across the state of Arkansas and beyond.