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TourRadar is the leading online marketplace for travellers to compare and book multi-day tours in over 200 countries. In this podcast, Travis talks about customer management during the crisis, managing stress, and his thoughts on the impact of Google to the travel industry. He also shares some interesting insights on the travel industry based on a survey they recently conducted.

Show Notes

  • [3:15] - What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to start a company with someone they are related to?
  • [4:34] - How have you dealt with the fear and uncertainty of the current situation?  
    • [6:55] First for your employees
    • [8:27] For your investors
    • [9:41] Your customers - how have you dealt with angry frustrated customers?
  • [13:40] - How are you and your brother managing the stress?
  • [15:27] - How does the payment flow work if I am a customer and I just paid for a multi-tour?
  • [17:56] - What is the current sentiment towards travel and does it vary by different segments (survey data: Tourradar]
  • [23:22] - What is your long term strategy around remote working?
  • [24:24] - What are your thoughts on Google and the legal action some travel companies are taking where they are blaming Google for unfairly taking their data to power their products?
  • [27:52] - Advice for travel companies raising funds in this environment?


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