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Ubersreik seems to be the hotbed of activity now.

Relations with Bretonia have been degenerating of late with Bretonia accusing the empire of planning to make Ubersreik the staging area for an invasion into Bretonia itself.
Greenskin tribes have joined forces and increased their activity in the area under the banner of a mighty Orc tactician the like that has never been seen before.
The Silver Falcons, a company of Tillian Mercenaries have been seen entering the lands of Siggismund Von Jungfreud ex Graf of Ubersreik. Stoking rumours that he intends to take back Ubersreik by force, therefore instigating civil war within the Empire. A recent ailment has afflicted all those that call themselves Wizard in the area with sickness and amnesia.
Also an High Elf Prince by the name of Luciandar who was a guest of Lady Emmanual Nacht has been reported missing from Ubersreik.

We follow a small group of protagonists who travel down to Ubersreik to act as Stewards to Lady Emmanuelle Nacht, who has requested help from her contacts in Altdorf in these strange times.

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