The Awesome Gnome Letter

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I’m writing this email while riding in a car. I’m hooked into my computer remotely and editing as if I was there. There is something magical to the time we live in. Really nothing that we can’t do with the tools in front of us. I know people who record music and put it up for streaming/download. There are people who are creating movies with small budgets. One person does copy-editing and marketing consulting for many companies and they are mooving their career along from their home.

We truly live in an amazing time of life. It’s not perfect: the climate, politics, inequality, and many other issues. But there are so many tools at our disposal to be used to improve the things I listed. You hold great power in the phone in your hand, what are you going to do today with that power?

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What is The Awesome Gnome Letter?

Each letter delivers an inspirational message on something that was meaningful to me this week.