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In this episode of "From The Players," Sydney Supple chats with Hannah Gammill, a senior infielder and catcher for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Hailing from the small town of Bee, Arkansas, Hannah has not only become a 2022 NSA First Team All-American but also a beacon of excellence in the softball community. Her accolades include making the 2023 USA Softball Player of the Year Top 50 Watch List and her significant contributions to Arkansas' success on the national stage.
Hannah Gammill | From Bee, Arkansas to the Big Leagues and Team USA Highlights:

Hannah’s Rise: Exploring Hannah's journey from Bee, Arkansas, to becoming a star player for the Arkansas Razorbacks and her climb to Team USA.
  • Coaching Dynamics: The impact of new coaching strategies at Arkansas, especially in hitting, which has significantly boosted the team's performance.
  • International Play: Hannah shares her experiences playing for Team USA, including the different styles and strategies of international softball.
  • Faith and Softball: How Hannah’s faith influences her approach to the game, her interactions with teammates, and her performance on the field.
  • Beyond Softball: Insights into Hannah’s aspirations to make a difference through her major in social work and her visions for a future helping others.
  • Hannah Gammill on Instagram
  • Team USA Softball Profile
  • Arkansas Razorbacks player page
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