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Episode 1 launches with a DJ set for demanding bears, a teenage shooting and a London sink estate in transition; featuring works from Imaginary Advice, Awful Grace and The London Transport Museum.

Show Notes

In this hour we hear clips from writer and poet Ross Sutherland's podcast Imaginary Advice podcast (Episode 54: One More Song) where Ross uses poetry to deal with anxiety and prepares a DJ set for bears. We witness a teenage shooting in the first half of The treachery of sounds from Robert Anderson's podcast Awful Grace or The Tolling of the void bell and we go to Thamesmead in South East London where change is under way in Changing Places: Abbey Wood by Social Broadcasts commissioned for The London Transport Museum
Transmitter is hosted and produced by Lucia Scazzocchio. 

What is Transmitter?

Do you find yourself stuck in the same channels? Unable to break out of the echo-chamber of your media consumption and worldview. Transmitter is here to cut through the noise. Lucia Scazzocchio from 'Social Broadcasts' scans the digital soundscape every other month to bring you original sounds, new voices and archive treasures from podcasts, radio, sound installations and anything that catches her ears.