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ICF Core Competency #4: Cultivates Trust and Safety

Show Notes

DEFINITION: Partners with the client to create a safe, supportive environment that allows the
client to share freely. Maintains a relationship of mutual respect and trust.
  1. Seeks to understand the client within their context which may include their identity, environment, experiences, values and beliefs 
  2. Demonstrates respect for the client’s identity, perceptions, style and language and adapts one's coaching to the client 
  3. Acknowledges and respects the client's unique talents, insights and work in the coaching process 
  4. Shows support, empathy and concern for the client 
  5. Acknowledges and supports the client’s expression of feelings, perceptions, concerns, beliefs and suggestions 
  6. Demonstrates openness and transparency as a way to display vulnerability and build trust with the client
WATCH: Osama Al-Mosa, MCC
READ: ICF Core Competency 4: Cultivates Trust and Safety
  • The focus is more on safety -- psychological safety
  • The relationship doesn’t have a negative impact on self-image, no judgment, risk free. Psychological safety.
  • Trust: the coach is going to do things in my best interest. 
  • Ultimate atmosphere for the client, allows going inward. 
  • Coach becomes a partner - What is a partner?
  • Coach “doesn’t have a stake in the game” – is this true? 
  • Demonstrated well, you can understand the client in their own context
  • What ways do you earn trust with your clients?
  • How do you build psychological safety? 
  • What tips do you have for doing this? 
  • Have you ever had to re-establish safety and trust? If so, how?
  • How is this a core piece of coaching? 
  • The tension between curiosity vs. questioning to make a point
  • What ways do you stay curious? (unbiased)
  • How do you avoid consulting and advising with clients?
  • How do you move clients away from “ticking the box”? 
  • Psychological Safety - Amy Edmondson
  • Rachel Botsman - Trust & Rethink Moments Podcast
  • Do your own work! Learn & get perspective on your own identity and others
Do you have a 90s 1-hit-wonder playlist we should listen to? Share that and how you are earning trust with your coaching clients.
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