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Here's what is happening in the markets today, Wednesday, July 28th:

Show Notes

- Futures slightly higher with the Fed Statement on deck at 2:00pm ET followed by their 2:30pm ET Fed Press Conference.
- Boeing (BA) jumped 3.5% pre-market after an earnings surprise. Helped out by a rebound in aircraft deliveries, BA posted its first profit since Q3 of 2019 with $0.40EPS vs an $0.83 loss expected.
- Alphabet (GOOGL) up 4.0% pre-market after an earnings beat and 69% jump in advertising revenue. Alphabet's CEO said the numbers were credited to a "rising tide of online activity in many parts of the world."
- Apple (AAPL) is down a little more than 1.0% pre-market in spite of an earnings beat and iPhone sales up 50% year over year. $1.30EPS vs. $1.01est and better rev. But the company did say that sales growth may be slowing and chip shortages could be an issue with production this quarter.
- McDonald's (MCD) had an earnings beat reporting $2.37EPS vs. a $2.11est, with better than expected rev and same-store sales up 25.9%.
- Pfizer (PFE) $0.97EPS vs. $0.87est and rev better. PFE raised full year forecast expecting vaccine sales to remain strong.
- Starbucks (SBUX) $1.01EPS vs $0.78est and rev but but SBUX said that higher costs for labor and supplies could be an issue for months to come.
- Mattel (MAT) earnings beat and raising full year forecast saying they expect strong demand for its Barbie and Hot Wheels brands.
- Teladoc (TDOC) lost 0.86EPS last quarter 0.56 more than expected even though rev beat forecasts. Weaker membership growth.

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