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Guest: Jeff StClair, VP of Sales at Palo Alto Networks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jeff StClair, currently VP of Sales at Palo Alto Networks and most recently VP Sales at Evident.io shares his thoughts on how startups can more effectively discover, attract, and retain top talent, and in doing so take their organizations to new heights. We also dive deep into what makes a great sales rep.

In this episode of Go to Market Grit, we cover: 
  • Key qualities that Jeff looks for when recruiting sales associates.
  • Why hiring should be a group effort for startups, with team members agreeing on new reps before bringing them on board. 
  • Considerations for hiring in a startup environment, versus an organization that’s growing at scale.
  • The importance of nurturing and developing talented sales associates, by giving them opportunities to continuously challenge themselves to work beyond their capacity. 
  • Why top tier sales associates typically make poor managers and leaders -— and what it takes to thrive in a leadership role. 
  • The difficulty — and importance — of building a competitive team that  integrity and a strong culture. 


What is Go To Market Grit?

Join Joubin Mirzadegan, Business Development and Go to Market Operating Partner at Kleiner Perkins, as he interviews go-to-market leaders and learns what makes them tick. Hear them discuss tactics, hiring, culture, and everything in between. Discover how successful sales leaders made decisions in times of crisis, growth, and why they made them. Listen in as we uncover the grit it takes to defy the odds and build incredible sales organizations.