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What is “Eco-Theology?" In this podcast, guest editor Rev. Dr. Astudillo explores the meaning of eco-theology. What does it mean to see our relationship to the Earth, to each other and to God through this lens? How does eco-theology dialogue with Science, Church history, and Scripture to seek solutions to the environmental and climate crises? Rev. Astudillo points to three, biblical, eco-theologies that come to our rescue and harness the power of faith communities.

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Dr. Astudillo on “Eco-Theology"
From her guest editor’s overview
“The environmental and climate crisis threatens to silence the voices of hundreds of species of animals and plants on a planetary level, but for more than 500 years, the voice of peoples and cultures has also been threatened by the same forces responsible for the environmental crisis: patriarchalism, anthropocentrism, dualism, racism and colonization.

“To assist in the dialogue between the diverse materials of this issue we are guided by Eco-Theology, a critical discipline of reconstructing the relationship between God, human beings, eco-systems and the universe.

“There are those who say that the Earth can survive without us, but if... everything God made was very good, in times of environmental crisis it is up to us to find out why; to save our faith..."  
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