No Crying In Baseball

We wanted the scrappy NLCS to go on forever. We've got weirdos, freak accidents, happy mom stuff, conspiracy theories, and that's just our postseason BFs. Pay attention to Maggie Heaphy -- she's doing great things.
We say “That is why we drink. To support the local economy,” “I kinda want to crosstrain with Gritty,” and, “This is them booing against the Yankees, financially.”

Show Notes

One solid prediction made by your hosts? We picked the Phils and the Padres as “fun to watch” before the season started and the NLCS has proved us right. Our postseason BFs include qHar-adjacent Brandon Marsh, once and maybe forever BF Juan Soto, Kyle “King Tuck” Tucker, and Machete Maldonado. Patti’s former bfs on the Phillies are embracing the chaos. Pottymouth’s former HOU bf Jeremy Peña makes an impression with his bat and that whole mom thing we love. All you folks complaining that the new postseason format eliminated the teams with the best records? Win. The Games. That Matter. We like it scrappy. “Sparkles” McCullers joins the short list of players suffering ridiculous injuries with a champagne bottle incident. Our guys are all over the Gold Glove nominees, which doesn’t surprise us because defense is sexy. We circle back on the Guardians / Yankees series because even the force of Patti’s book club could not overcome the rain delay / conspiracy theories to knock out CLE.

We visit the corrections department to straighten out what teams will be playing where in the World Baseball Classic, and Pottymouth laments that Winter Ball is  now a home for all the guys on the “never gonna be a boyfriend” list.  We could not be prouder of DC Girls Baseball player and friend off  the show Maggie Heaphy, for her invitation to the elite 4th Annual Girls Breakthrough Series and her leadership in  starting The Leadoff Initiative.  We say “That is why we drink. To support the local economy,” “I kinda want to crosstrain with Gritty,”  and, “This is them booing against the Yankees, financially.”

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What is No Crying In Baseball?

When Patti and her potty-mouthed friend talk baseball, you'll know this is not a baseball podcast for lightweights. This is the real deal, from real fans. Because diamonds are a strong woman's best friend, and there's no crying in baseball.