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Two podcasts, two movies, one CINEMATIC UNIVERSE! Grawlix Cinematic Universe and Trashed Talk Podcast come together to review Blue Ruin (2013) and Green Room (2016).

Show Notes

Two podcasts. Two movies. One CINEMATIC UNIVERSE! On this episode we’re not only mashing up movies, we’re mashing up podcasts! Randy is joined by Austen and Travis of Trashed Talk Podcast to discuss Blue Ruin (2013) and Green Room (2016). Both films are written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier and are intense thrillers focusing on people doing bad things but not doing them particularly well.

This is a true mashup podcast so we combined the best of both shows. In addition to our usual movie reviews and cinematic universe pitches Austen and Travis treat us to two segments from their podcast, Real News or Fake News and Duke It Out or Puke It Out!  Enjoy!

Full show notes and more:

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What is Grawlix Cinematic Universe?

Two nerds watch and review two movies in search of the next shared CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.