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Refer to your shows the way you should for a collaborative art form.

Show Notes

I’m Michael Bradt for The Bit Theater. One of the things I love most about improv is how collaborative an art form it is. It’s worth remembering that when you’re talking about your sets and shows. If I’m an improviser who is constantly referring to “my” show that “I’m” in instead of “our” show that “we’re” in, I might be rubbing my teammates the wrong way. It might seem like in inconsequential nitpick, but it’s something that people notice, and it’s never a good look to appear selfish. That’s your improv tip for the day. Stay safe, stay healthy, love each other, and I will see you next time.

What is Improv Tips?

A micro-podcast feed for The Bit Theater featuring (week)daily improv tips. We can also be found on your Amazon Echo devices!