Protect the Hustle

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On this episode of Protect the Hustle, Pricefx CMO, Patrick Moorehead, guides us through how to create effective content—sticky content.

Show Notes

Topics discussed in this episode:
  • Making pricing accessible
  • Tech-enabled Demand Generation
  • The rich tapestry cadence of MOFU
  • Creating a sticky and attractive content environment
  • Tackling the 12-legged deal

This is a ProfitWell Recur production—the first media network dedicated entirely to the SaaS and subscription space. 

What is Protect the Hustle?

Accelerate your B2B SaaS growth and get better as an operator. Join ProfitWell's Patrick Campbell as he explores the truth behind the strategy and tactics of those scaling in SaaS. Basically this podcast gives you a team of advisors in the trenches actually doing the work.