Microarch Club

Rick Altherr joins to talk about working on hardware performance analysis tools at Apple during the PowerPC to x86 transition, building flight control software for internet satellites at Google, discovering vulnerabilities in baseboard management controllers, and much more. We also spend an extended portion of the conversation on Rick's current work in quantum computing, including comparing and contrasting with classical computing, and examining some of the challenges of interfacing with these machines today.

Rick's Site: https://www.kc8apf.net/

Rick on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mxshift/

Rick on Mastodon: https://social.treehouse.systems/@mxshift

Rick on GitHub: https://github.com/mx-shift

Rick's Mentoring Sign-Up: https://calendly.com/mxshift

Detailed Show Notes: https://microarch.club/episodes/110

What is Microarch Club?

The art, science, and history of processor design.