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In August of 2019, Jenny and Scott shipped their bikes across the world, and with their one and three-year-olds in tow, they embarked on a month long bike-packing tour across the mountains, beaches and farmlands of Hokkaido, Japan. The family covered 600 miles and camped in a new location every night while carrying all of their own gear. Tune in to episode 35 of the Out and Back podcast to get all the details about bike-packing in a foreign country with two toddlers.

Show Notes

Jenny, who is of Japanese descent, describes the joy the family felt connecting with her ancestors’ homeland as her family bike-packed 600 miles across Hokkaido, Japan (The kids didn’t want to leave!). She gets into the shame she experienced growing up with a different sounding last name from her classmates, and how she’s come to cherish her ancestry as an adult.

Jenny describes how she went from working in finance to landing her dream job as a designer for Patagonia. She keeps it real with her and her husband Scott’s challenges of getting pregnant, including two miscarriages; how Scott's Appalachian Trail record-setting run in 2015 injected new life into their relationship despite her sometimes harrowing task of driving around the east coast backroads by herself to support Scott; and the struggle of balancing two young children with starting her own business.

Keep on eye out for Jenny’s new business, Always Up. (We’ll link to it once the website goes live!) It’s a gear company for active families, and her debut product is a first-of-its-class maternity belt for runners.

Get some visuals from the Jurek’s Japan trip by watching a short film Jenny and Scott made about their family trip.

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What is Out and Back?

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