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The Lamer Gamers talk about how microtransactions are eating into everyday life! Also with a July 2022 News Roundup for all the latest gaming news worth talking about. Steam Deck Impressions! BONUS POINTS - "The real world is now a game - what dlc/microtransactions does it have?"
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Show Notes

Helllloooo Lamer Gamers this is LamerTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast! (Portage Park links below!)

In today’s episode we’re going to break down the latest gaming news from the last couple weeks from Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox. Our Nintendo section will have a fun new sponsor from HGTV’s upcoming totally real and definitely not fake show Animal Crossing Happy Home Hunter! We’ve also heard rumblings about a new acquisition blob monster species in town by the name of Sony! Find out who they ate later in the show, you might be surprised. 

Rowdy : OOOH OOOH! We should give them a clue like if Sony were pushed off a bridge and survived because someone tied a BUNGIE cord around their ankle when they weren’t looking…

Travis : Shhhh, don’t give them good clues. We have to make sure they listen past the first part of the show. It’s like clickbait or a Kotaku headline but we’ll actually tell them later instead of scamming them.

Rowdy : Oh yeah, good point. 

Travis : Towards the end of the news roundup we’re going to make a cup of angry coffee to get ready for discussing the microtransaction hellscape we are now turning this world in to. If you haven’t heard about the latest Diablo Immortals and BMW news then buckle up sunshine because it’s going to be a bumpy, extremely overpriced ride!  

Rowdy : BMW, I thought we were a gaming podcast? 

Travis : Yeah well I thought cars couldn’t have Microtransactions or subscriptions for software based services but I was wrong!

Rowdy : After we get all angsty I will be declaring that I am no longer a console peasant and have joined the glorious PC Royalty because I bought a Steam Deck! I’ll give my impressions of the Switch-like Pc known as the Gabe Newell box that our Lord and Savior Gabe Newell has delivered to us. ALL BLESS THE STEAM DECK! 

Travis : Does everyone have to recite their love for the Steam Deck and pledge to Gabe Newell of Steam when they buy one of these? 

Rowdy: Yes. Yes they do….peasant. 

Travis : You are starting to sound like Lord Kromdore The God King of Gaming PCs. I don’t like it…

We’ll end the show with a special BONUS POINTS where we asked a bunch of Lamers on Twitter and Discord : “The Real World is Now A Game – What DLC or Microtransactions does or should it have?”

All this and more on the Lamer Gamers Podcast

Travis : Rowdy, cue the music! 


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