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Trouble at the Gates

Show Notes

- The adventuring party encounters a mama wolf and her cubs while trying to get some rest.
- Upon return to Amphail, things look dark and dangerous at a newly-constructed gate.
- The party draws some unwelcome attention while trying to get a lay of the land.
- Unable to escape as a group, the party surrenders to the guard and are imprisoned.
- Gaelin – the dwarf who seems to be in charge of the makeshift prison – isn't impressed, but Brother Felix manages to bend the ear of Greygrin, leader of the Joybringers.
- Reluctantly, Sylfir speaks for the group and convinces Greygrin that the party has Amphail's best interests at heart.
- The party is released and allowed to rest in an Inn.

What is Roll for Nerd?

A podcast where noobs talk about (and play) dungeons and dragons.