The Lesley Riddoch Podcast

As voting for the new leader of the SNP leader opens we look at the most recent candidates' debates and hustings and how they've been conducted.
In particular we compare and contrast the style and content of the Sky debate and the STUG/National hustings.
The BBC has hardly covered itself in glory this week with the Gary Lineker affair, Fiona Bruce's ill judged, to say the least, "One off"  domestic violence remark on Question Time and the missing David Attenborough episode. Is its much vaunted impartiality now forever tainted by inconsistency of application and the presence of Tories in significant senior management roles?
We also examine the passage of the Tory government’s Illegal Migration Bill and the myth of  Britain as a haven for refugees.
All this plus our trip to Belfast for the "Imagine Belfast" festival
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What is The Lesley Riddoch Podcast?

Scottish politics dissected from a left, pro-independence stance. Each week, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Lesley Riddoch chews over the week’s news with former media lecturer and Dundee United fan, Pat Joyce. If you like intelligent, quirky chat about Scottish society and culture, and Scottish, UK and international politics analysed from a Scottish perspective; this podcast is for you.