The Food Intelligence Podcast

This episode is a special rendition of a live discussion we had on Tastewise Talks, a series of conversations between Tastewise CEO Alon Chen and insightful thought leaders in the food & beverage industry.

On October 25th, Alon chatted with Taylor Sokol, Strategic Partnerships at Impossible Foods, about all things sustainability - its role in the plant-based space, what it means for business bottom lines, and more.

Show Notes

When we talk about sustainability in 5 years, what will the focus be?
What impact does sustainability have on consumer behavior?
What does sustainability mean for business bottom lines?

We want to hear your thoughts! To continue the conversation on sustainability, connect with Taylor and Alon on Linkedin, write to us at, and join us for our next Tastewise Talk online

What is The Food Intelligence Podcast?

The Food Intelligence Podcast is a show from Tastewise, where we talk to innovators and leaders in the food and beverage industry to learn how they grow brands and build amazing businesses. Our mission with this show is to share valuable advice with other Go-To-Market professionals in the food industry and learn as much as we can in the process.