On Water: The Session Mag Podcast

Zane Schweitzer takes us on a deep dive into the days after the wildfires destroyed his hometown of Lāhainā. In this episode, Zane gives his first interview 8 days following the worst natural disaster in the Hawaiian islands' history and his personal story of how those days unfolded.  Zane's raw perspective offers a stunning glimpse into how his gratitude for life, the resilience of the Hawaiian people and the indominable spirit of aloha has the power to shift even a horrible historic episode into a story of hope, resilience and community connection.  The whole world is watching. #LahainiaStrong

What is On Water: The Session Mag Podcast?

From the perspectives of surfing, foiling, kiting and stand up paddling, through interviews, casual conversations, recollections and readings, On Water captures the essence of every water lover's heart. Come dive in and remember the pre, post and in-the-moment passion for a life well-lived on the water.