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21 mins 37 Secs - This week featuring Sasha

Intro - Welcome
Chapter 1 – News & Update
Chapter 2 – ‘Prog Gods’ Sasha
Chapter 3 – ‘Throwback’ – Renaissance: The Mix Collection
Chapter 4 – Upcoming Progressive House UK Mixes

Tracks Played
Intro - Ryan Davis – ‘Aeons’ (Huminal Remix)
Chapter 1 - Emanuel Satie – ‘Planet XXX’ (Original Mix)
Chapter 2 - Knives Out – ‘Sugarcoat’ (Sasha Remix)
Chapter 3 - Hysterix – ‘Talk To Me’ (Sasha's Full Music Master)
Chapter 4 - Galvano – ‘Escape Reality’ (Original Mix)

Written & Produced for Progressive House UK by Danny Jarvis

Show Notes

Written & Produced for Progressive House UK by Danny Jarvis

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What is Progressive House UK?

Progressive House UK is a Progcast station and Progressive House mix show for like minded people. We create & share unique content, discuss the music, UK events, DJ stories and general memorabilia from the scene. Join us on on spoken Progcast for News, Throwbacks and progressive observations of the scene today. Tune into our residents Mix show and enjoy unique mixes from guest DJ's You can also find us on Instagram.

Music is our shared DNA.