Aural Hygiene: Psychotronic Film Reviews

Jim Willis (author of "Ancient Gods," "The Quantum Akashic Field," and more) and Matt Comegys try to decide if Jean-Luc Picard is a god, or not.

Show Notes

It's an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (season three, episode four if you're nasty).  You can source this yourself for homework, and if not, we quickly move onto other things anyway.

Many of those things can be found in Jim Willis' fantastic books.  Why not skip that capitalist Internet river and head straight for the source:

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June 21 - Read All About It: The Problem Pit
June 25 - Dog Star Man
June 26 - Tarot (narrated by Christopher Lee)

What is Aural Hygiene: Psychotronic Film Reviews?

A podcast where Matt Comegys, with a friend in tow, gets into vintage educational films, experimental films, and interesting documentaries.