Last Week in .NET

Microsoft Copilots us but gets JEDI'd by Amazon.

Show Notes

🍄 Jetbrains' Simon Cropp is hosting an "OSS Power-ups: Verify" event and I have no fracking idea what any of these words put together means. Which, if you think about it is entirely on brand for OSS, where marketing is shunned.
⏳ Rick Strahl has a lengthy blog post about converting the Desktop application Markdown Monster to use C#'s Async/Await. This is as an indepth dive into real-world async that you'll ever see and worth your time.
🖨🌙🐎 Microsoft released a patch against the PrintNightmare vulnerability and lo-and-behold it doesn't actually mitigate the vulnerability, writes Brad Sams. Who among us hasn't had a patch that "Worked on my machine"? Now none of us are worth 2.09 Trillion, but does that really change things?
🗣 .NET Conf "focus on F#" is July 29th, and you can sign up here Now's your chance to learn about F# and tell the world about it.
🚫⚔ The Pentagon has canceled the disputed JEDI cloud contract with Microsoft and in order for the project not to spend the next ten years in litigation will pursue a multi-cloud strategy -- with Amazon, Microsoft, and possibly other cloud vendors. We are in the "Too big to deal with" stage of capitalism decline.
👮‍♀️ Did you ever want to check to see if if the app is being run as sudo or admin on linux? This code snippet will help you do just that.
🕵️‍♂️ Several Netfilter Rootkits -- signed by Microsoft -- hit the wild today. In case that sentence didn't sufficiently scare the shit out of you; a rootkit is bad. Microsoft signing rootkits is about as bad as it gets. It's like your spouse giving a crook the keys to your house and letting them know when you all will be gone.
🔟 Wassim Chegham writes about 10 Things to Know about Azure Static Web Apps and this is a good write up and a reminder that Microsoft is very late to this party but markets as if they created sliced bread.
🏫 Oskar Duycz has you covered with an updated readme and tutorial on event sourcing in .NET (Core). If you think of event sourcing like that annoying kid in your 6th grade class that reminds the teacher when she forgot to assign homework and when the teacher forgot to give a scheduled quiz, it makes a lot more sense.
🐕Scott Carey of Infoworld talks to developers about their reactions to Copilot Surprisingly none of them were upset at the lack of lubrication involved in getting 'Copiloted' by Microsoft. Yes, that is a euphemism now.
🎥 On Friday, July 16th, 2021, Jon Skeet will be talking about the .NET Functions Framework that is available for Google Cloud Functions. Google has a better name for it (.NET Functions) than Microsoft does -- and no shit the name Microsoft gave it (according to the website title) is "Azure Functions Serverless Compute".
📢 The June 2021 (version 1.58) release of Visual Studio Code came out on July 8th. It includes the ability to move terminals to the editor, the Debugger now remembering your previous environment choices, Jupyter code improvements and debugging, and Workspace trust -- which sounds vaguely enterprisey but really means "browse code without worrying about the 25 years of macro-exploits that made Microsoft Office synonymous with getting hacked".
💸 This next one is a commercial plug I didn't catch; but I'll own that. If you're still on silverlight, support ends in 101 days and Mobilize.NET wants to help you modernize your silverlight application through this webinar. Honestly at this point if you're still using Silverlight you need a commercial partner to get you out of the hole you've dug yourself into. Also, this webinar talks about "Reserving your seat" but does not specify a date or time so I can only assume it's a marketing trick to get you to sign up and it's actually an on demand webinar. In related news I have found the an extra category for the 9th circle of hell.
💯 Last week i shared Part 1 of how StringBuilder works; and Steve Gordon is back this week for Part 2 of how StringBuilder works. I applaud the effort Steve put into this post; I love the visualizations and it's a good overview.
🔫 For the InfoSec (and cyber security, sigh @ govies) folks among us, Zac talks about a CobaltStrike hunting tip. I refuse to read the contents of the tweet into this newsletter because it is functionally indistinguishable from the contents of a hex editor. For the people who know, it will make sense though.
👽 As a bonus for making it through last week, here's an oral history of movie Independence day titled “You Can’t Actually Blow Up the White House”: An Oral History of ‘Independence Day’ -- which turned 25 last week.
And that's it for what happened Last Week in .NET. It was Independence Day / listen to fireworks at midnight all week here in the States, so that could attribute to the lack of releases. Stay frosty and I'll see you next week.

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