Small Town Business with Erika McInerney

Even though I believe there is usually a place for social media in your marketing, I will rarely encourage anyone to JUST focus on it. Having a healthy spread of promotional and marketing activity allows you to reach a broader audience and mitigate any potential disasters - like getting locked out of your social media accounts. Which happens a LOT. So today I’m going to talk about three ways to promote your small town business or brand that complement your social media activity and help you to build strong connections with your local community and local markets. 

Erika McInerney is the founder of Mac&Ernie - specialising in social media and marketing training for small business, community organisations and leaders in regional and rural areas. 
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The Small Town Business podcast was recorded on the lands of the GunaiKurnai and I wish to pay my respects to their elders; past, present and emerging.

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What is Small Town Business with Erika McInerney?

Small Town Business shines a light on people making big things happen in small towns, regional and rural communities.

Each episode is in two-parts. In Part one, we chat with a small-town business owner, hand picked because they have a particularly special story to tell. They generously share the ups and downs and all the in-betweens of their business, before part two where I draw out one of the key points of the discussion into a specific learning with a focus on marketing and business development.

Follow along for inspiring stories from community-driven, authentic people. Then let Erika McInerney - that’s me your host - teach you how you can take that inspiration and turn into into action for your business.

Whether you’re already living in a small town, thinking of moving, or wondering what business is like outside the city - this podcast is for you.

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