Ladies Who Create

In this fun and engaging episode of Ladies Who Create, hosts Liz Meyer and Jess Rosenberg sit down with the dynamic duo Amy and Jen Hood, the brilliant minds behind Hoodzpah, a Southern California branding and design agency. The Hood sisters share their inspiring journey, detailing their work with industry giants like Google, Disney, and Target. They also delve into their passion for empowering startups through hands-on workshops and their acclaimed book, "Freelance Business and Stuff." Join the conversation to hear about their creative highs and lows, surprising career shifts, and insights on staying motivated and connected within the design community.


Creators & Guests

Jessica Rosenberg
Co-host of Ladies who Create, Creative Director, Mom
Liz Meyer
Creative Director, Owner of the design studio Datalands, mom

What is Ladies Who Create?

A podcast highlighting extraordinary women in the design and creative industry. Hosted by Jess Rosenberg and Liz Meyer.