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With the World Cup over, we're back in club form with a look at the final games of 2022, transfer planning, contract hustling and we've got some serious top-four action to ring in the new year.

Show Notes

The World Cup is done and we're back to the league. 

This week we're arranging some pre-Christmas friendlies to warm up the legs by destroying local opposition while getting ready for a little bit of window shopping in January.

The Chinese, PSG and more are all sniffing around Wolves and Leicester but will anyone be shown the door?

Are player relationships and certain player traits the keys to unlocking others, particularly when it comes to a certain striker?

When you're riding high and the board prompt you to change your end-of-season expectations, how should you react?

And when it comes to the first Premier League round of the King Of The Snow Forest, somebody's getting smoked and getting a wake-up call.

We've got some high scoring games, a bucket full of injuries but it's good to be back on the sidelines for some Premier League football all over again. 

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