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We don’t come into this world with particular biases. We pick them up from our experiences with the people and world around us over time. And these biases affect how we show up every day (and not in a good way!)

So, today’s guest is here to share her wisdom on what managers can do to have a more inclusive workplace where everyone thrives.

Today’s guest is Risha Grant. Risha is an award-winning diversity consultant and international corporate speaker. She is the author of Be Better Than Your BS: How Radical Acceptance Empowers Authenticity and Creates a Workplace Culture of Inclusion.

In this week’s episode, Risha and I talk about what “BS” is and how to identify your own biases and work through them.

We also talk about microaggressions and their opposite - micro-inclusions - and how to respond when someone has said or done something you’ve found offensive and when someone calls you out. 

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Conversation Topics
  • (00:00) Intro
  • (02:07) What does BS stand for
  • (04:08) How Risha became more aware of her own BS 
  • (11:21) The microaggression and micro-inclusion concepts explained
  • (19:15) What managers can do differently in handling microaggressive behaviors
  • (24:53) The role that radical acceptance plays in creating an inclusive workplace
  • (29:23) How to create an organization that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • (34:22) A great manager that Risha has worked for
  • (35:38) Keep up with Risha
  • (36:44) [Extended Episode Only] How to start educating yourself to undo internal biases
  • (43:53) [Extended Episode Only] An honest answer to a tough question

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Guest Bonus: 5 Copies of Be Better Than Your BS Book 

Risha is happy to offer 5 copies of “Be Better Than Your BS: How Radical Acceptance Empowers Authenticity and Creates a Workplace Culture of Inclusion” to members of The Modern Manager community. 

Using stories from her personal and professional journey as well as those of her clients, Grant encourages you to first examine the roots of your own BS through a process of radically accepting yourself and then to build a BS-free culture, which can only happen when you learn to radically accept others. She also shares the exercises, tools, and strategies she has taught thousands of people at all levels to make their workplaces more accepting, inclusive, and productive. 

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