UCLB Big Talks on Big Impacts

In the tenth episode, Dr Anne Lane, CEO of UCLB and Dr Chris Hollowood, CEO of Syncona Investment Management, discussed the collaboration between their respective organisations in commercialising research. Syncona is a leading healthcare investment company focused on creating, building and scaling a portfolio of global leaders in life science; and Chris has been instrumental in the foundation and the development of its gene therapy strategy. In this podcast, Anne and Chris discussed how Syncona came about, its close relationship with UCL and UCL Business, and what attracted Syncona to invest in four UCLB companies. Chris also discussed the tech transfer ecosystem and what is next for Syncona.

For more information and to access the transcript: www.uclb.com/event-category/podcast/

Date of episode recording: 2023-09-21
Duration: 00:30:11
Language of episode: English
Presenter: Dr Anne Lane
Guests: Dr Chris Hollowood
Producer: Nora Amin

What is UCLB Big Talks on Big Impacts?

From chronic diseases, the climate crisis, to social injustice, how are we tackling the biggest problems of the 21st century? As UCL Business (UCLB) celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023, this new monthly podcast series will explore how we have supported UCL academics to create impact across several areas, such as: medical research, patient healthcare, the environment, and our wellbeing in a contemporary society. New episodes will be released every third Thursday of each month. Soundtrack by Harry Penfold and Thomas Shearwood.