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Author, columnist, speaker, and activist Baye McNeil joins the boys to discuss how we're all so offended by the racist NHK cartoon that we are continuing to not pay our NHK bills in protest.

Show Notes

Author, columnist, speaker, and activist Baye McNeil joins the boys to discuss how we're all so offended by the NHK's racist cartoon that we are continuing to not pay our NHK bills in protest.

Also, Ollie recommends a river cruise that thinks honesty is the best policy when it comes to fleecing newlyweds. Plus, Bobby shares how a simple facebook foray forces us all to confront some dark, dark river cruise realities.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:
  • How NHK could potentially DOUBLE DOWN on its racism
  • Where there is left to go after appearing on JBRC
  • Baye's 2018 appearance on the BBC re: Downtown Hamada's Eddie Murphy blackface
  • The difference between Ignorance and Racism, and which of the two categories your cohosts belong in 
  • How the Japanese practice of blackface came from the American black boats
  • Why exactly blackface, even in homage, is never okay
  • When and how Japanese "black music" artists Rats and Star crossed the line with their use of blackface
  • How the Japanese entertainment industry chose to lose blackface rather than lose face-face
  • How the domestic media's unwillingness to report on its own failures condemns them to repeating those failures
  • How media produced in this day and age is basically consumed by the entire world (except for this podcast, which is only consumed by Brians in Fukuoka.)
  • The word that makes Ollie sound like a British caricature to Americans
  • The NHK Sekai no Ima Black Lives Matter animation and how it dropped the ball (and probably expected black people to pick the ball up for them, because they're good at sports)
  • The ways in which NHK programming sometimes gets it right
  • Why this particular clip is undeniably racist
  • What Baye thinks the video SHOULD have shown to get the message across
  • How and why Baye avoids saying "racism" when trying to educate about racism
  • The Japanese reaction to BLM and the messaging behind it
  • How much of that is from what's called "heiwa-boke" and how to best handle that with what we call "heiwa-tsukkomi"
  • Whether or not calling out racism in Japan is racist against Japan (It's not.)
  • Ollie's black friend
  • A certain prestigious UK University that Ollie went to ;)
  • How the expat experience might make it easier to start down a path to allyship
  • Learning to recognize that our experience is not universal
Topics covered in the Extras include:
  • The difference between Baye McNeil and Matthew Perry (Not the one from "Friends")
  • Corona and/or God as an excuse to not show up
  • The secrets behind Baye's meteoric rise from blogger to icon and how we plan to replicate it
  • The REAL tragedy of 9/11
  • How Corona saved us from Ollie's Netflix special
  • How to make your new business climate change/BLM/corona friendly
  • Who's on Baye's interview wishlist
  • What NOT to ask Naomi Osaka
  • Dave Chapelle's latest special
  • Baye breaks down Chapelle's authenticity
  • The difference between Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock 
  • How corona has reduced even the most professional of comedians to amateur status (except Dave Chapelle)
  • The behind the scenes of Baye's reluctant appearance on an NHK show that compared the experience of African Americans to burakumin in Japan
  • THE LENGTHS THAT JAPANESE TV WILL GO TO to be able to use a play on words 
  • When ignorance goes so far it prevents racism
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