12 Minute Halacha

What is 12 Minute Halacha ?

We all try to dedicate time for learning Torah. Many people attend Daf Yomi, have a chavrusa, etc. Yet, most people find it difficult to learn Halacha in a consistent and clear way. We either spend too much time on one subject or try to breeze through a summary of all the laws in a few minutes. Neither of these approaches work. The concept of 12 Minute Halacha Daily (Monday through Friday) is to spend one hour a week learning Halacha from the sources all the way through the contemporary poskim and applications. This can be listened to while driving, sitting down with the sefer, or even while taking a leisurely walk. The purpose of the Shiur is to learn Halacha together without getting bogged down with many details or fancy lomdus. This way one can go through many Halachos with a deep appreciation of the sources, the rules, and see why we do what we do in our everyday lives. That is why i chose the Chayei Adam as a springboard. This podcast isn't intended to replace the need for a Rav in one's life. This is simply Limud Hatorah together. My hope is that we discuss some of these things by our Shabbos table and show our family that although we need to spend significant time at work, our excitement and passion is for Limud Hatorah, Avoidas hashem and Halacha.

Please reach out with questions, suggestions or complaints. 12minutehalacha @gmail.com

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