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Sales calling isn't easy.

It's a skill that takes some real dedication to build, and to improve at selling, you've got to practice and get feedback.

To really get good at the sale, you need to Find The Gap, which is exactly what we're working on in this episode of Gap Selling Keenan.

For those who don't know, Gap Selling Keenan is a series where I show you LIVE sales calls from real people. If they sell well and I have a problem that needs fixing, I'll buy from them.

If I don't like their sales approach, they get a coaching session on what they screwed up, and what they could do better.

Check out this episode of Gap Sell Keenan to see if I will buy.

What is Gap Sell Keenan?

A REAL, LIVE sales call where a salesperson tries to Gap Sell Keenan their product or service. If A Sales Guy or Keenan has a problem they can solve, he will buy it! This is a DOPE sales training opportunity! Keenan provides on the spot feedback to help the salesperson throughout the discovery.