Christ Community Chapel - Hudson Campus

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Joe Coffey | How often do you go to God asking for what you think you need, but he answers that prayer in a different way? Many times we think we know exactly what we need in order to keep us safe, happy, or cared for. But Jesus sees what we really need, even if it isn't what we expect.

The same thing happens when the paralytic man is dropped in front of Jesus. Many see what his apparent needs are, but Jesus goes deeper and addresses the root issue. Join us as Pastor Joe preaches from Mark 2:1-12 on what we think we need, what we really need, and where we can find both.

What is Christ Community Chapel - Hudson Campus?

Christ Community Chapel is located in Hudson, Ohio. With campuses in Hudson, Aurora, and Highland Square, Ohio, we exist to see people come to know Jesus, grow in him, and serve him daily.