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This episode we talked with Jennifer Szeghi, Parent-Child Coach, Adjunct Instructor, & Parenting Coordinator about parenting through the pandemic, setting yourself and your child up for success, & building strong foundations. Go join her Facebook Parenting Group!

Show Notes

Jennifer Szeghi is a Parent-Child Coach, Adjunct Instructor, and Parenting Coordinator. 

For twelve years she has thrived in her business, Successful Parenting, LLC, helping parents whose children have behavioral & emotional challenges, as well as specializing with families going through a divorce. Mrs. Szeghi’s professional experience includes working with children and adolescents as an Outpatient Mental Health Therapist, Mental Health Specialist in the Psychiatric Unit, a Residential Treatment Counselor in Juvenile Detention, and as an Intake/Family Therapist in Cook County Juvenile Court. 

Mrs. Szeghi has taught at Cincinnati State Community College as an adjunct instructor of Psychology since 2005. Mrs. Szeghi graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CSOPP) in 2005 with a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. In 2010, she received a Graduate Certificate in Child &Adolescent Psychology from CSOPP.   

Mrs. Szeghi's best accomplishment is being a proud mother of two exceptional teen boys.


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