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In this engaging episode of 'Ladies Who Create,' we welcome Charlota Blunárová, a multifaceted designer who has successfully navigated the evolving landscape of design careers. Charlota shares her journey from industrial design student to co-founder of the We3 Collective, emphasizing the non-linear path of career development in the design world. This conversation dives deep into the impact of career pivoting, the exploration of web3 and blockchain, and the innovative approaches to branding in the digital age. Charlota also discusses the intersection of design and technology, including her experiences with AI tools and the importance of creativity and strategic thinking in design. Join us as we explore the dynamic and ever-changing world of design through Charlota's unique lens.

More about Charlota:
Charlota Kolar Blunarova is a brand and digital designer and co-founder of, a distributed design collective. She invests creative capital in early-stage tech startups across AI, blockchain and the new Internet in her role as a design partner at IDEO CoLab Ventures. Previously, she was a design lead at IDEO, helping clients like CHANEL, H&M, Ford, and Moncler to design innovative products and services awarded the Red Dot Award or Core77 Design Award. Charlota loves the thrill of working with startups to take their brand and product from a napkin sketch to launch; especially in the topics of web3, AI tools, FemTech, venture capital, and the future of work. She constantly seeks to reinvent her design career - so far, she has tried out being an industrial design student, calligrapher, wedding photographer. Charlota firmly believes in the power of prototyping life and career choices with a designer's mindset. After living and working in the US and Germany, she has returned to Prague, Czech Republic. Off-duty, Charlota indulges in experimenting with generative AI, arranging flower bouquets, and assembling complex LEGO sets with her husband.

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