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How do you become the unicorn of RevOps? We have just the episode for you! Today we have Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer at Agorapulse. Darryl discusses with Sajeel Qureshi his two myths on RevOps, one is that not every RevOp have the skills to optimize operations and two, that RevOps tend to implement the tech that they are biased towards. Darryl gives us his tips on how to understand and optimize both sales and marketing. Tune in to this great episode!

RevOps Myth:
  • People think RevOps have the skills to help you optimize your operations, and often they don't.

  • Often leaders of marketing assume that RevOps understands business, how marketing works, how sales work, and how sales reps but they don’t understand the roles of sales and marketing.
  • When bringing on a RevOp to your company, you want to make sure they understand both sales and marketing. If you have a RevOp that knows sales, they won't understand the marketing side but the RevOp that knows marketing, won't understand the sales side. It is key for them to understand and optimize both.
  • Another RevOps myth is that revops implement the best systems and tech to meet the needs of their circumstances. They tend to implement the tech that they are biased towards. They often provide the best tools that fit their comfort.
  • When there is a problem, Darryl finds himself getting up close and personal with the issue and the people involved. Solving the problem in person and face-to-face can promote a faster resolution.
  • Darryl believes that in the future, RevOps will have a seat at the executive table. They won't report to sales, and they won't report to marketing. They will be the neutral arbiter reporting to either the president or a CEO. Compensation for quality people will increase and authority and influence will increase.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Building consensus is at the core of the foundation of getting any project done which is what RevOps is all about.” (30:06)


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