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DITCH THE TOXIC SKIN CARE PRODUCTS! On today’s podcast we’re talking to Charles Mayfield’s who’s Animal based skincare company Farrow Life is changing  the game in skincare! Charle’s has long ben fascinated with Learning about regenerative farming and how coupling this with lifestyle can drastically improve ones life. Charles began Mayfield Pastures with the goal of growing food in a way that could heal the body and the planet – and to give his children a deeper connection to healthy food and the land where it’s grown. As a regenerative farmer, he’s always looking for ways to reduce waste and make the most of the farm’s resources. Several years ago, suffering from a particularly brutal sunburn, Charles tried slathering himself with lard. He was blown away by the surprising speed of his recovery, began researching the use of animal fats in traditional skincare, and the idea for Farrow was born. Farrow’s ingredients are sourced exclusively from regenerative farms and the cream’s signature fragrance is a unique blend of doTerra essential oils. 

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