HeadRoom with Dr. Rod Berger

Welcome to another enlightening episode of HeadRoom, where we dive deep into personal growth and authentic success in today's rapidly changing professional landscape. I'm your host, Dr. Rod Berger, and today I'm joined by the insightful Rusty Gunther. Rusty, a passionate advocate for aligning life's work with personal values, shares his unique perspective on entrepreneurship, the significance of personal identity over professional roles, and the power of community support in achieving greatness. 

Together, we'll explore the essential role of mentorship, the transformative power of self-audit, and how understanding our "why" can profoundly impact our paths. Rusty will also reveal his journey through emotional intelligence, counterculture influences, and his hands-on approach to leadership. 

So, tune in as we unpack these themes and offer guidance on navigating the complexities of personal and professional evolution here on HeadRoom, brought to you by Brainlight and Old Soul.


00:00 Interviewing diverse individuals from various fields.

06:15 Appreciation for parenting and evolving voice perceptions.

07:44 Wife is a successful executive coach with a psychology background.

12:57 Pressure to succeed in a branded world.

16:34 Individual ownership versus the need for community.

19:47 Young people are frustrated by naturally successful professionals.

23:52 Get hands-on to lead effectively, and avoid detachment.

26:09 Navigating life's different perspectives and stages.

Connect with Rusty Gunther
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rustygunther/
Website: https://towerinsur.com/

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