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The Ocean Race Europe is only weeks away so in this double episode we catch up with Yoann Richomme, skipper of Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team, and The Ocean Race veteran and crewmember on CORUM L'Épargne Sébastien Josse.
Yoann tells us about the formidable crew he's assembled onboard Mirpuri Foundation Racing team's VO65, and Seb shares some learnings from his illustrious sailing career and gives a preview of foiling IMOCA 60 sailing in The Ocean Race Europe.

What is Off Watch - The Ocean Race Podcast?

Meet the biggest names in top-class professional sailing - past, present and future. Discover the secrets of leadership, determination and teamwork from round-the-world sailors forged in the toughest test of a team in sport - The Ocean Race. Hosted by Niall Myant-Best.