The European Startup Show

My guest today is Patrick Walsh, the founder of Dogpatch Labs, one of Ireland's leading startup hubs and Crunchbase's top 10 incubators in the world. Patrick is also the youngest member of Ireland’s National Competitiveness Council and is a strong advocate for reform to Europe’s talent & incentivisation policies. In this episode, we talk about the state of the Irish startup ecosystem and the best models of startup innovation across Europe, and what we can learn from them.

Show Notes

[1:51] - Irish startup scene
[7:41] - How to attract and incentivize talent at a macro level
[11:13] - The best startup ecosystems in Europe
[19:15] - Dogpatch
[24:12] - Norther Ireland/Southern Ireland collaboration
[27:21] - Funding for startups in Ireland

Changing World Order by Ray Dalio
Midnight’s children by Salman Rushdie

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