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Vulnerability is an act of strength, and an action of courage. It's the space of our personal authenticity, free of armor and facades. It's the place where the fullness of our power can be unleashed. Take a listen, as there is no better time than today, to embrace this superpower.

Show Notes

Thriving Thursday’s are “chew-able” episodes, where Nkechi is joined by Gaby Mammone, and asked to share perspectives from her life experiences. You will get a taste of her wisdom and leave with a call to action.

In today’s episode Nkechi and Gaby take a deep dive into the importance of vulnerability. 

Nkechi said that it's important to express our humanness from the fullness of ourselves and that it’s important for us to know that we are enough. Nkechi also mentioned that having a strong tribe strengthens your confidence to be able to open up. Gaby also chimed in and said that it’s very important to be vulnerable with someone that we are comfortable with as we feel a release when we do so.

They also offer advice to people who might be scared to open up, as they feel they may be judged. 

Listen in as they share their insights about the power of being vulnerable and how you can truly embrace this superpower!

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What is The Empowered in My Skin Podcast?

This Podcast is all about helping humans thrive in their lives. It is our birthright to thrive. When we own our thrive, we are operating from a position of empowerment, and celebrating life in the present moment without fear. It is human nature to feel uncertain, but why does it have to take us away from our thrive, our creativity, and throw us off balance? If we can recognize that being empowered is us choosing to accept all that is, then we have the ability to step into clarity and live in the present moment. Our "now" is all that we have and where our infinite empowered energy resides. Stay connected with the host, Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson online;