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An exploration of lessons learned about cultivating, ending, and appreciating female friendships.

Show Notes

Join Kattie as she welcomes Laura Tyler as her new co-host.  Together with their friend Maureen Gegan they dive into a candid conversation about female friendships - how they take work and many times don’t work out or fade away…but when they do they’re so important and create both physical and mental health benefits.

Shared on this episode:

Compelling Question:  W Magazine: The 45 Best Female Friendship Movies
Did You Know:  Time: Why Ending a Friendship Can Be Worse Than a Breakup
It Doesn't All Suck:  BBC: Long Lost Friends United After a Twist of Fate

imprfct life®
The Corner

Host:  Kattie Capozza and Laura Tyler
Guest: Maureen Gegan
Music: Hussa Al Humaidhi
Sound Effects: Zapsplat

What is @ The Corner w/ imprfct life®?

imprfct life® is a space for women and girls to come together for self-development, support, and solidarity. Join co-founder Kattie Capozza a Gen X'r that has a lot on her mind and wants to inspire a world where women and girls are unapologetically their authentic selves; a world where they can feel supported and realize their superpowers for greatness in their own unique ways.

This podcast is meant to be a conversation among friends. Topics will vary from discussing the messy reality of life, embracing imperfections, the power of friendship, discussions on what it means to be a feminist, and exorcising toxic relationships.