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Makalai shares her lived experiences as a young black girl and provides heartfelt personal insight on what is happening in America today with unprecedented levels of protest. Listen in to gain a very personal perspective on living in a majority white society as a young black mother.

What is My Awakening Podcast?

My name is Joe and I created this podcast believing that many Americans, if presented authentic testimony of systemic racism, will support changes to achieve "liberty and justice for all". Through unscripted, engaging, and very personal conversations about America's racial issues, it is my sincere desire to help white Americans become more empathetic, anti-racist citizens. Will you join me on this important journey of building a bridge to a new America? I encourage you to use our new easy to use self-recording feature on our website at and become a part of this conversation. I hope that you too believe that America's best days are still ahead of us. Please subscribe and engage with My Awakening Podcast.