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In this episode, I'm joined by Patrick Campbell, the CEO of ProfitWell. Patrick blew my mind with a talk about SaaS pricing back at INBOUND19 last year - from then I knew I had to get him on the podcast.

For those that don't know, ProfitWell is a subscription software helps subscription businesses with the hard parts of growth. They are also prolific at creating content, which I get into in this episode.

I talk to Patrick about what content works well, why it works and how they've managed to get their video content production cost for a full series down to less than the cost of an ebook. We also get his thoughts on choosing the right content formats and if he thinks daily vlogging can work for B2B. We covered some ground on pricing and how you should do it right, including common mistakes and his favourite pricing pages. Oh, and we discuss why they have a Swag strategy...

Show Notes

I talk to the founder and CEO of ProfitWell, Patrick Campbell in episode 18 of the Marketing Mashup.

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What we covered in this episode

  • Intro to Patrick
  • What ProfitWell is and what they do
  • Why Patrick started the company
  • Thoughts on remote working
  • Content production while remote
  • Why they started to heavily invest in content marketing
  • Why does niche content work so well?
  • How to produce a video content series for less an ebook ($10k)
  • How to your content in front of the right people
  • Patrick's thoughts on daily vlogging
  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make with pricing
  • Did Patrick really give up email for 4 weeks?!
  • ProfitWell has impressive Swag, why?
  • What is Patrick most excited for in the future, both in business and personal life?

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