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Another Posey award winner worth noting and the first meeting (maybe) between super-guests The Psuedo Scout and The Mid-ball Wizard.

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about the games of the week and the epic clash between Pops and GK for the “who’s not the worst” cup, a final look at the standings and a rundown of the playoff seedings, a visit from the Pseudo Scout who is asked to wonder about Vladito’s bad wheel (which he decidedly does not do, dammit) and then, for an Atlas Balked first - we have the Psuedo Scout on with the Mid-ball Wizard in which they talk about a chance encounter of the two while each on a clandestine visit to Costa Rica for some reason (revealed on the podcast, of course) a quick look at MBW’s minor league stars, a new Posey award winner (this one might be the Posiest) and a quick side discussion about Yukon Cornelius and another gem of a celebrity impersonation by J-Lo.Follow us and DM us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @atlasbalked Download Podcast

What is Atlas Balked?

Welcome to Atlas Balked, a weekly chronicle concerning the mundane, weird, and maybe even sometimes dramatic happenings of a Simple Fantasy Baseball League .

This podcast captures the thoughts and musings Gregg, Joe, Jack and Tim - four of the twelve owners in the league.