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This week, the CEO of the East Asia Super League (EASL), Matt Beyer joins Will Gates and Arthur Agee on Hoop Dreams the Podcast to talk about the new league he launched this year in Asia.

Show Notes

We go international this week with Mr. Matt Beyer, the CEO of the East Asia Super League (EASL). Matt sits down with Will Gates and Arthur Agee to give us both his Hoop Dreams origin story, about how a guy from the Midwest ended up overseas and also the origin story behind the EASL. He talks about his first job translating for the Bucks, he breaks down for us how the league works, which countries are involved, how his NBA investors Metta Artest, Baron Davis and Shane Battier got involved and just how much talent is out there and how big the market is for basketball in Asia. With a loyal fan base in Japan, Korea, Philippines and Greater China this league could grow very fast. So kick back, listen and learn.. oh and get your passport so you can get to Manila in March for the EASL Championship. 
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Hosted by Will Gates and Arthur Agee
Produced by Matt Hoffar
Written by Matt Hoffar, Will Gates and Arthur Agee
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